Monday, November 10, 2008

Paper/Money Bouquet

This was such a fun project to create! It is a bouquet made of leaves stamped onto paper and cut out. Then I attached the leaves to skewers and "ta da." This bouquet will have flowers made from paper money as well. It will be a gift for the Caller/Cuer couple who have been calling for our dance club for 30 yrs. There will be $200 worth of paper flowers incorporated into the bouquet!!! Inspiration for this project was from a memory I had of a paper money bouquet given to my Aunt and Uncle I think when they adopted their first child. It was so beautiful... I wanted to recreate something similar. However, after hours of searching for something similar on-line that I could pattern a bouquet after, I ended up just coming up with something on my own. I hope you like it! Please leave comments!!!


JaeJay said...

You are such a great crafter! The boquet is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it!

Lorelei said...

Thank you JaeJay!!!

Pam in Colorado said...

Thanks for stopping by. Regarding what you said about my "hope" post, I so want to share and have others understand and desire what/who I know will bring them hope. It is frustrating because so much pain and despair does not have to linger.