Monday, November 10, 2008

Paper/Money Bouquet

This was such a fun project to create! It is a bouquet made of leaves stamped onto paper and cut out. Then I attached the leaves to skewers and "ta da." This bouquet will have flowers made from paper money as well. It will be a gift for the Caller/Cuer couple who have been calling for our dance club for 30 yrs. There will be $200 worth of paper flowers incorporated into the bouquet!!! Inspiration for this project was from a memory I had of a paper money bouquet given to my Aunt and Uncle I think when they adopted their first child. It was so beautiful... I wanted to recreate something similar. However, after hours of searching for something similar on-line that I could pattern a bouquet after, I ended up just coming up with something on my own. I hope you like it! Please leave comments!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Home Evening "ring"

Whew! That took quite a while!
So, this is the companion to the candles I've posted. FHE stands for "Family Home Evening." On the ring there are about 48 cards listing various things to do together. Then at the back there are blank cards for them to write their own ideas.
The stamp set I used on the front is copyright close to my heart "Homestead Alphabet."

Custom Made Candles!

This is a brand new blog for me! Here I will be posting what I deem to be "beautiful things."
I hope you enjoy looking, as much as I have enjoyed creating!
This first picture is of a wedding gift I'm making for a dear friend of mine.
These are what I would like to call, " Couples Family Home Evening Candles." On the back are "ticks." Every week you are meant to burn the candle down to the next mark, or "tick." During the time the candle burns, you do something together as a couple. Along with this gift, I will be including ideas of things to do together.
To make this project I used white tissue paper,waxed paper, a craft heater, two white candles, a black ink pad, and two stamp sets copyright Close to my Heart. ( Soul Mates, and the Sept. 08 stamp of the month)
First you stamp the images you want onto the tissue paper and roughly cut around them. Then you place the "cut out images" on the candle where you want them. Next you wrap waxed paper around the candle to hold the tissue in place, hold it taut and heat the tissue onto the candle with a craft heater. You will see when the tissue is melted. Be careful to not heat it too long, or you will have a bumpy, melted candle!!! ( don't forget to remove the waxed paper and discard it afterward !! )