Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okay, so I know this is a little (ok a lot) late. But I think it's worth sharing!
The card to the left is the make-n-take project I shared at my last gathering. It had so many fun techniques that we didn't do a whole lot else that night.
I was able so show off the close to my heart Edge Distressor, the Write'n rub pen, the prisma glitter, and the sanding kit. I was also able to show everyone how to use their embossing stylus and sanding kit to distress paper, and how to distress with ink! Not to mention we were able to use some fancy ribbon!
What "made" the evening though, was the fact that all the girls that were there that night were related somehow!!! Together with the people I love most, doing what I enjoy most. Doesn't get any better than that!!!


JaeJay said...

THose are really nice! You sure included quite a few tecniques. Ribbon is always my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

Better late than never I say, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!